Welcome to Sure & Steadfast Co. My name is Galina and I'm a 24 year old Christian who loves words - in every shape and form. Hence the lettering. Hence the blog. What I know is this: words matter. They can be true or false, healing or damaging, beautiful or ugly. They can bring life or take it away. The true "Word" gave his life for our sake (John 1). And His words to us are found in Scripture - the ultimate source of truth, healing and beauty.

In light of that, my hope is to use my words to lead you to Jesus Christ and the immeasurable riches of grace found in Him. 


The story behind the name Sure & Steadfast Co. is simple. In Hebrews 6, the author assures the Hebrews about their hope: 

"...we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us. We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf..."

So what is the hope that he is referring to? It's the Gospel. The Gospel is our hope. Matthew Henry illustrates it like this:

We are in this world as a ship at sea, liable to be tossed up and down, and in danger of being cast away. Our souls are the vessels. The comforts, expectations, graces, and happiness of our souls are the precious cargo with which these vessels are loaded. Heaven is the harbour to which we sail. The temptations, persecutions, and afflictions that we encounter, are the winds and waves that threaten our shipwreck. We have need of an anchor to keep us sure and steady, or we are in continual danger. Gospel hope is our anchor. It is sure and steadfast, or else it could not keep us so. First, it is sure in its own nature; for it is the special work of God in the soul. It is a good hope through grace; it is not a flattering hope made out of the spider’s web, but it is a true work of God, it is a strong and substantial thing. Secondly, it is steadfast as to its object; it is an anchor that has taken good hold, it enters that which is within the veil; it is an anchor that is cast upon the rock, the Rock of Ages. It does not seek to fasten in the sands, but enters within the veil, and fixes there upon Christ; he is the object, he is the anchor-hold of the believer’s hope.

For those who are in Christ, our hope is sure and steadfast. He will not let us go.


People watcher. Road tripper. Lover of words. Lover of beautiful spaces. Love making things happen - especially events, especially weddings. Always the practical one, but still have big dreams. Laugh at everyone's jokes. Super observant (I like to think Shawn and I are kindred spirits...any Psych or Anne of Green Gables fans out there?...No? Just me??). Entrepreneur at heart. 

Overwhelmed by God's grace and mercy towards me. Held by His steadfast love. Anchored in a sure salvation. Basically just trying to figure out how to be faithful to Jesus in the day to day. 

Here’s me at my favorite coffee shop, Borealis.   Oh yeah, I REALLY love coffee.

Here’s me at my favorite coffee shop, Borealis. Oh yeah, I REALLY love coffee.